Like snakes on a plane, but snakes down a toilet.

I touched down in singapore and coming through the arrivals all I could think of was the huge contrast between Sri Lanka and the Singapore airport, it was  absolutely huge – so big in fact you had to get a sky train from one terminal to another. It was so clean, and clinical looking, so different to what I was used to. I managed to get the sky train and the met train to the place I was staying; shophouse the social hostel, a lovely modern little hostel that I’ll probably stay in again when I go back.  Singapore is so clean and reminds me of New York a little due to the massive buildings and excessive number of shopping malls. New York fused with asia. I got to my hostel around half 10 and realised I wasnt tired after I’d slept on the plane so I went up to the roof terrace, thinking it’d just be a space that I could see the  singapore skyline but there were  people up there drinking and there was a kitchen and tv room with people watching films. I used the computers to research where to go next and made friends with one of the boys there. The next day I saw him again and we ventured around the many shopping malls together, and got the bus to Kuala Lumpur. I managed to somehow get myself to kuala Lumpur despite the fact I had no idea what bus company I’d booked with, place we’d book to stay in or how to get there once off the bus. (And somehow that wasn’t the most disastrous of journeys)

In kuala Lumpur we explored the batu caves, we went in the dark cave which housed thousands of bats as well as spiders and other strange wildlife. Outside the caves were loads of monkeys, just walking up the steps and playing with each other, occasionally trying to steal a tourists bottle of water. We also went to more shopping malls, and one which contained a theme park so we had a go on the indoor roller coasters for the novelty. Time square shopping mall also had the largest capsule vending machine in the world which you cam have a go on for the sum of 50 ringitts or if you buy something for 50 ringitts in one transaction within the mall. The rest of tme in Kuala Lumpur was spent eating the most amazing noodles and prawns,drinking, falling asleep in the hammock and being bitten on the face despite the fact I’d paid for a bed. Hungover we booked our bus and left the hostel with our bags to get the 2 monorails to the bus terminal. Firstly we got on the monorail going the wrong way so we had to get off and go the other way. In KL for some reason you have  to pay for one journey at a time so if you have to change lines you have to buy another little blue token, which we couldn’t make sense out of especially in a hungover  panic. So Matt’s token wouldn’t let him through the barrier to buy another one so I wen  through to buy both in which case  the machine wouldn’t accept notes, so after a flustered 5 minutes trying to jam my notes into the  machine I got us 2 special tokens and went through, we got the train and then I couldn’t get through with my token – I wouldn’t mind but we were rushing an  probably could have got to the terminal quicker walking after all the faffing about. Luckily we got to the bus – albeit late, sweating and panicked but it waited for us so the blessing I received in sri Lanka must have served me well.

We arrived in Georgetown at night and starving, so we dumped our bags in the hostel and went for kapitans –  a must eat restaurant if you’re in Georgetown. Order a mango lassi and a tandoori set, you can thank me later. It was so good we had it twice. The next day we  had a wander and saw the minimal attractions, I felt ill so we went back to watch a film. I left early the next morning to catch the ferry to langkawi, I think the people who worked on the boat thought I was  part of a family so they sent me upstairs  to the family deck with lots of free chairs and films on, bonus.

Arrived in langkawi and went for a wander down to one of the beaches, it was  beautiful. Met a Scottish woman while eating lunch, for all you Sri Lanka girls who loved Milo you need to get yourself to Malaysia, there is a whole range of it here, Milo chocolate, Milo ice cream, different flavour milk shakes,it’s a dream come true. The Scottish lady and I went for a paddle in the warm sea, when we were approached by an Indian man who claimed to be a Bollywood star. He started chatting and asked us our names and ages etc, until he went on to ask us for a date that evening which we gracefully declined, after we got out and lay on the sand to dry he once again approached  us but this time with a friend who once again did the whole name, age routine. They wen  off shortly after and we breathed a sigh of relief until about 10 minutes later when they approached with a McDonald’s triple cheese burger and a half eaten box of chips telling us to eat them. They seemed upset when we didn’t eat their left overs but never in my life have I been presented a McDonald’s but also why would you want to eat McDonald’s when there is so much good food in Malaysia? After another  attempt of them trying to go on a date with them we decided  it was our cue to leave so we ran off down the beach, only looking back to see  if they’d followed us. The next day was  spent watching documentaries, getting to grips with this blog and swimming in the swimming  pool of the guesthouse. Everyone else had gone fishing early in the morning so when they arrived back with about 40 fish we knew what we were having for tea. Eating freshly prepared fish, was not something I’d done before and ever since choking on a bone when I was a child I’ve always been wary about eating it, especially when it’s still got its head on and It’s looking up at you from the plate. It tasted good though and was something I can tick off my list. The men looked especially pleased with themselves, grinning like they were back to their hunter gatherer roots. Just as we were finishing th meal one of the travellers came and told the owner there was a rat in the toilet, as it was  his birthday we all eat cake and the rat was forgotten about for a while. It wasn’t until another person came out and announced: “the good news is there is no longer a rat in the toilet, the bad news is, there’s now a snake in there that’s eaten the rat.” Needless  to say everyone jumped up to go on a snake hunt, grabbing the snake catching equipment on the way. We all got a glimpse before  it slithered  back off to where it came from.

The next day I got up early to go to the ferry port to catch the boat to satun in Thailand, I got there to find out that the website time was wrong so I had to wait until 1pm. I sat in Starbucks using the free WiFi and decided to buy a new camera while I had the time. I caught the ferry and got through immigration, changed my ringitts to baht and booked the bus to krabi. I walked down the steps to find a man on a scooter and the other man passing me a helmet. I looked at them thinking I’m not spending 6 hours on this with my massive backpack! It all happened so fast I didn’t really have time to think so I hopped on scared witless (again didn’t really have any other choice) and zoomed off. Luckily for me we were only on it 10 minutes when we arrived at the bus terminal, I was thrown off and thrust into a minibus full of locals with a white sticker with Krabi pencilled on stuck to my top; I crossed my fingers and hoped that I’d end up there.


One thought on “Like snakes on a plane, but snakes down a toilet.

  1. I am delighted with the entertainment you are providing me by way of explaining your stories. You sound like you are having a crazily fun time, I’m highly jealous. Stay safe! (I am near 100% certain I will see you in Aus at some point) x

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